Providing Personal / Flexible Supports

Rosmini Resource Centre - Brothers of Charity Southern Services

Working towards New Directions, the Rosmini Resource Centre restructured from a Modular classroom type service to a service that has become embedded in our local community.  This was achieved by working directly with families, community organisations and other service providers.  Continued consultation with service users' and staff were key to this process.  We envision a service where service users' have increased valued social roles and become vauled members of their local community.  This involved looking at individuals and providing a flexible service to support their needs.  Today the Rosmini Resource Centre continues that journey.

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Person Centred Wing - Muiriosa Foundation

Following a number of years of the organisation looking at how to better support individuals, the Person Centred Wing (PCW) was established in 2009.  Pivotal to any support arrangement within the PCW is the Coordinator who undertakes the following:

  • Explores with the individual and key supports what a good and full life could look like.
  • Ascertains the natural supports that the individual has available to them (including the local community).
  • Supports the individual and or their family to recruit support staff who are a "good match" for them.

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Donegal Autism Pilot Project - HSE

A pilot project developed out of the need for a HSE day service in west Donegal to provide a service to a small group of adults with an autism spectrum diagnosis and behaviour that challenges.  With no suitable service in their locality; HSE day service was the only option available for these service users.  The day service was struggling to provide the supports required; due to high levels of challenging behaviour, limited autism awareness, staff resources and lack of an autism friendly environment.  The pilot project was successful in significantly reducing behaviour that challenges, providing individualised person centred support, increasing family engagement, increasing staff member's confidence and utilising staff resources more effectively.

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The Journeyman - Camphill

The Journeyman is a day service in Carrick-on-Suir, Tipperary.  It is a Camphill initiative which was developed to support young people in their transition between leaving school to finding their identity in society.  The service currently supports 24 people, many of whom have complex support needs and/or are non-verbal.  The young person embarks on a 3-7 year programme, developed with the person, and is reviewed yearly to be flexible to their changing needs.  The major change involves the development of communication skills and tools, supporting the young person to communicate choice, and the experience of being listened to.

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