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About PDS

Here you can find out about the Progressing Disability Services for Children and Young People programme which is changing the way services in Ireland are delivered for children and young people aged from birth to18 years and their families.

You will also find links to information about different childhood conditions  and about how to get in touch with current services 

If you have recently found out your child has a disability you can find helpful information at  www.informingfamilies.ie


What is the Progressing Disability Services for Children and Young People programme about?
Playschool boys

At present there are some very good services for children with disabilities and their families but also some large gaps. There may be a service for children with an intellectual disability in a locality, but none for children with a physical disability. Some children and their families have little or no access to services.

We need a fairer way to provide services for children with disabilities

  • Access to services should be based on a child’s needs rather than just on their diagnosis
  • Children and families should have services available wherever they live

A national programme called ‘Progressing Disability Services for Children & Young People’ is changing the way services are provided across the country to make it equitable and consistent for all. When the programme is completed there will be Children’s Disability Network Teams across the country for all children with complex needs to access.

The vision for children’s disability services

  • Easy access to the services children need
  • Fairness in providing services
  • Families, health services and schools working together to support children in developing their potential


Find out more about the PDS programme