Connecting for Life Interim Strategy Review Overview

Connecting for Life, Interim Strategy Review

In 2018, the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention invited the Connecting for Life (CfL) Evaluation Advisory Group (EAG) to undertake this review, to;

  • Provide an assessment of “top-down” implementation advancements across all CfL actions, objectives and goals
  • Identify what is working well and where barriers lie
  • Help set strategic priorities for 2019 and 2020
  • Identify longer-term strategic goal for CfL, beyond 2020.

Since the development of Connecting for Life in 2015, the NOSP has placed considerable emphasis on developing robust implementation structures and monitoring processes that underpin Connecting for Life suicide prevention efforts across a wide variety of sectors and settings.

Of particular note, was the initiation of a new transparent monitoring system in 2017, to track the implementation of the strategy. The 22 lead agents responsible for progressing one or more of the strategy’s 69 actions are required to report on activity every quarter. This information is presented to the National Cross Sectoral Steering and Implementation Group for Connecting for Life, chaired by the Department of Health.

The Interim Strategy Review refocuses attention on particular actions which can be improved or prioritised from hereon. Given the varied components of the Connecting for Life Strategy, and the multiple partners and agents involved in its implementation, the NOSP will take time to consider and consult on all the findings and recommendations in the Interim Strategy Review.

Read the full Connecting for Life Interim Strategy Review, here.

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