New mental health campaign and app launched by USI

In response to concerns over student mental health, the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) recently launched the 'ReCharge' mental health campaign and '+Connections' mental health support app. 

The ‘ReCharge’ campaign is a campaign to empower and encourage students to seek support and take time to recharge their mental health.

USI President Síona Cahill stated:

“The importance of striving to improve mental health services at third level year on year cannot be stressed enough. The Union of Students in Ireland have always and will always host national Mental Health campaigns due to the severity of the situation and to promote wellbeing in the student population who are in particular risk given the age cohort."

She added: "In a mental health survey, set to launch early 2019, we found when those surveyed were asked had they experienced mental health difficulties in the past 12 months 1084 (32%) said that they had often and 568 (17%) said all the time. A whopping 24% of those surveyed said they were unaware of on campus services for mental health, +Connections is an app that will reduce this percentage substantially with the ‘Mapping Feature’ which will list supports in each college categorically by location.”

The USI's new ‘+Connections’ app will feature functions that promote positive mental health and provide connections to various support services.

USI Connections app

The app will be launching with the following features: How to support a friend: Informative pathways to help someone to be an active listener to a friend, Mapping Feature: List of supports in each college and external support services available to students and Blogging Tool: A place where students can read contributions by different students in relation to mental health.

The app can be found easily on iOS by searching +Connections and on Android via this link:

This campaign is supported by the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention. 

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