NSRF: 2017 Publications

NSRF National Self-harm Registry Ireland Annual Report 2016(27th Sept 2017)

The National Self-harm Registry Ireland Annual Report provides a unique opportunity to determine and monitor the incidence and repetition of self-harm presentations to hospital emergency departments in Ireland with the aim of identifying high-incidence groups and informing services, practitioners and policy makers concerned with the prevention of suicidal behaviour. From a public health perspective, the Registry fulfils a major objective in providing real-time data on trends and high risk groups for self-harm in Ireland.

NSRF National Self-Harm Registry Ireland 2016-1

NSRF Briefing: Murder-suicide and Media Reporting (31st August 2017)

Following the recent media coverage of the anniversary of the murder suicide in Co Cavan, the National Suicide Research Foundation issued this briefing.

NSRF Briefing, Murder Suicide

NSRF Evidence Brief: SSIS-ACE and IMPRESS (14th July 2017)

This evidence brief provides findings from;

  1. SSIS-ACE – a retrospective case-control study (2014-2016), which originated from the Suicide Support and Information System (SSIS).
  2. IMPRESS - part of the 5-year research programme which commenced in 2015, in particular: Improving Prediction and Risk Assessment of Suicide and Self-Harm (IMPRESS). 

NSRF Evidence Brief

NSRF Briefing: 13 Reasons Why (27th April 2017)

In response to the recent Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’, the National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF) has prepared a briefing expressing concern about the risks and negative impact on young people, in particular for those who are vulnerable and currently thinking about suicide.

NSRF Briefing, 13 Reasons Why-1

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