Home Care

Home care is a thorough mental health service provided at your own home instead of a hospital. It is used instead of going to hospital or to allow you to be discharged more quickly

Who can get home care?

You can get home care if you are in crisis due to mental difficulties or have a mental illness and need daily support until your illness stabilises or you recover. You might need it if you have recently come out of hospital, if are on a new treatment regime or if you need regular support to prevent a relapse.

How do I get home care?

Your Psychiatrist must assess you and refer you to the Home Care team.

What does home care involve?

A key worker will be assigned to you and will usually visit you in your own home. You start by getting a comprehensive assessment of your needs and the needs of your family and carer. We then come up with an individualised treatment package for you. We will offer you education to help you understand your illness better. And we will create a relapse prevention plan to help you to stop your mental health difficulties getting worse. We will also support and educate your family and carer (with your permission)

How long does it last?

It depends on your needs and how quickly you recover.

Are there waiting lists for home care?

There are no waiting lists.

Where do I find out more?

For addresses, opening hours and contact numbers, check Home Care in your Local Mental Health area.