Art Therapy, Dublin West and South West


Art Therapy helps you to improve your own emotional and mental health through painting, drawing or sculpture.

Who leads this Programme?

It takes place under the guidance of an art therapist. Art therapists are trained in the use of art materials, psychological functioning and therapeutic intervention.

Who can attend Art Therapy?

It’s available to people in the care of the acute unit in hospital.

How do I get referred?

You can be referred by your treating team or by your Key Nurse.

What should I expect on my first visit?

Usually the Art Therapist will introduce you to the room and the materials, she will guide you through the process of using art in a therapeutic way.

Do I need to bring anything?

All art materials will be provided. If you use reading glasses it might be useful to bring these.

How long does it last?

Sessions last for one hour.

What happens next?

If you find Art Therapy useful you can get more involved and come more often. Some people just use it for fun and enjoyment. Either way is okay. Some people continue to attend the art therapist after they have been discharged from hospital.