There are many different staff working in the Acute Psychiatric Unit. These work as part of a multidisciplinary team. Below is a brief description of who does what in the unit.

Who does what in the hospital?


Staff Nurse

Is a registered mental health nurse who works on your ward. Staff Nurses will give you the best nursing care possible. They help order, administer, monitor and record your medications. They liaise with your family, GP and other members of your Local Mental Health Team. A staff nurse will be assigned each day as your key nurse.

Clinical Nurse Manager 1 (CNM1)

Is a nurse who is the manager of one of the work shifts on a ward. They work the shift pattern on the unit

Clinical Nurse Manager 2 (CNM2)

Is a nurse who is the overall manager of the wards and is responsible for its overall smooth running. The Clinical Nurse Manager 2 works from 7.30am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON)

Is a nurse who is the overall nursing manager of the Acute Mental Health Service.

Occupational Therapist (OT)

Occupational therapists are responsible for helping you get back your ability to perform daily living and work activities you may have lost because of mental, physical or emotional difficulties.

Consultant Psychiatrist

The consultant is responsible for a certain number of patients in a hospital ward and is the lead manager of your recovery process.

A treating consultant can recommend the involuntary detention of someone who is severely ill in hospital in the interests of their health, their safety or the safety of others. Involuntary detention in hospital only occurs if this is an appropriate thing to happen.

Senior House Officer (SHO)

The consultant often has a senior house officer or a specialist registrar under their supervision. The consultant closely supervises and monitors their work and progress.

Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologist uses psychological treatments to help you through your mental health issues.

Art Therapist

Art therapists use art in a therapeutic capacity to help patients through difficult mental and emotional traumas.


A pharmacist specialises in the safe and effective use of medication. They advise staff and patients on the proper use and possible side effects of medications.

Music Therapist

Is a person qualified in Music Therapy. This therapy uses music and sound as a basis for interaction. It offers a space for self expression and communication without the need for talking.


A Dietitian/Clinical Nutritionist is a health professional who is qualified to give accurate advice and information on all aspects of nutrition and diet.  Dietitians apply knowledge of food, nutrition and other related disciplines such as biochemistry, physiology and social science to promote health, prevent disease and aid in the management of illness.

Hospital Attendants

Attendants work on the unit to ensure a comfortable stay. They attend to meals, laundary and assist some people when they have difficulty with these activities. They work similar shifts to nursing staff.


There is a porter stationed at the reception area. Everybody checks in with the porter when coming into and out of the unit.

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