Leave when in hospital

As your condition improves it usually is benificial that you to visit home, go on overnight leave, start attending the community services or other therapies in the community. This is usually discussed at your team meeting and added to your care plan.

When will I start having time away from the hospital?

As your condition improves, it will become useful to have time to get back to some of your old routines or to commence new elements in your recovery journey, such as the day hospital or other therapies or programmes. For a short time before you will get the opportunity to try start these whilst still having support from the staff at the hospital.

Who decides when this happens?

This is usually discussed at the team meeting and placed in your care plan.

If I have problems when I leave what will I do?

If you are having difficulties, contact the unit immediately or come back in. We will work with you to resolve what is going wrong.