Old Age Psychiatry Team

Multidisciplinary Team

Psychiatry of old age community mental health team is made up of a highly trained team of professionals who work together to help you cope with your illness and get better. Click on the links below to read more about what they do and how they might help you.


Team Members        


2.5 consultant psychiatrists They cover Dublin 8 and parts of Dublin 6 and 14 and most of Dublin 12
1.5 doctors in training Each of these are assigned to work with a particular consultant.
1 psychologist The psychologist sees people on a referral basis
1 psychiatric social worker This social worker covers all referrals
4 psychiatric nurses 2 Nurses assigned to Day Hospital and 2 Community Mental Health Nurses
1 occupational therapist Is based between Martha Whiteway and Jonathan Swift Clinic.
1 administrative support staff. Ensure all clinics run smoothly.