Myths about suicide

MYTH - People who talk about suicide do not kill themselves

REALITY - Threatening to harm or kill yourself is a suicide warning sign. It indicates the person is at risk of suicide, they are likely to be having serious thoughts about taking their own life. This 'cry for help' is a suicide warning sign, and can provide a chance for family, friends, associates and health professionals to intervene and potentially prevent the suicide from happening.

MYTH - If you are discharged from hospital you are no longer at risk

REALITY - People who have attempted suicide, and have been treated in a hospital or psychiatric facility, have a much higher risk of attempting suicide again in the days, weeks and months following their discharge.

MYTH - Suicide happens to other people.

REALITY - Suicide does not discriminate. It could happen in your family. It could happen to you or your loved one.

If you are worried that someone you know is suicidal, at