Assertiveness: self-help books

Assert Yourself
Author Gael Lindenfield, 2001

'Attractive book which builds awareness and skills'.

Review: This is an attractive, clearly written book that is divided into two parts. The first describes what assertiveness involves and how it develops. It usefully highlights the difference between aggressive, passive and assertive communication. It covers rights, the art of being positive and describes the fundamental skills involved in assertiveness including perseverance, negotiation, coping with put-downs and giving criticism. The second part of the book is a course of exercises to develop self-awareness and assertiveness skills in an individual or group. The reader can complete these exercises and tasks in their own time. Tasks include preparing scripts for use in negotiation, paying and receiving compliments and responding to put-downs. The structure of the book would appear to be very helpful in transforming ideas into self-awareness into new behaviours.