Books on children's bedtime routine

What To Do When You Dread Bed (6+)
Author Dawn Huebner, 2008.

'Clearly written and structured to be understood by a child. Explores Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) methods in a fun and child-friendly way. Written with a child reader in mind, this book is clearly written and structured in an easy-to-understand way. It is interesting and informative'.

Review: Children and parents can use the book to overcome common problems around bedtime. From nightmares to a “busy brain”, the book encourages both parent and child to tackle these problems in a fun and explorative way. Included are various exercise sheets and helpful planners to accompany each topic. This book requires a good deal of dedication to setting up routines and incorporating various playful exercises into these routines. For a parent who is willing to engage fully with this book, the techniques involved can help overcome bedtime problems in a fun and playful way.