Bereavement by suicide: self-help books

Beyond the Rough Rock: Supporting a Child who has been Bereaved by Suicide
Authors Diana Crossley & Julie Stokes, 2008

'This book is helpful for parents and professionals in supporting children bereaved by suicide'. 

Review: Explaining to a child that someone has died by suicide is possibly one of the most difficult situations that a parent or carer may ever face. This booklet offers practical advice for families in the immediate days and weeks after a suicide. It is a useful booklet aimed at giving parents and professionals the confidence to involve children in discussions about the nature of a death by suicide. It is hoped that children may then begin to understand some of the complexities that often surround suicide. The booklet includes child-friendly activities for you to do as a family as you begin to make sense of what has happened and start to look at ways in which your family can learn to cope.