Mood swings: self-help books

Overcoming Mood Swings 
Author Jan Scott, 2010.

'An easy to read complete Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programme. Includes information on depression and mania'.

Review: This book offers insights and practical help for those who are seriously disturbed by extreme high or low spirits. Although everyone is aware of changes in their mood, some people are very distressed by changes, either because the mood swings happen too frequently or because they are very intense and are accompanied by other symptoms of depression or mania. Overcoming Mood Swings is a self-help manual that applies tried and tested cognitive techniques to allow people first to identify and then to manage their mood swings more effectively and to regain more stable and comfortable emotional levels. Background information on depression and mania is also included. The book presents a complete self-help program including self-tests and monitoring sheets.