What is Understand Together?

Understand Together is a public support, awareness and information campaign led by the HSE, working with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and Genio and supported by more than 30 partners from across our society. It is aimed at inspiring people from all sections of society to stand together with the 500,000 Irish people whose families have been affected by dementia. We want to help create an Ireland that embraces and includes people living with dementia, and which displays solidarity with them and their loved ones.

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Understand Together is one of six key elements of the National Dementia Strategy and has been made possible through a funding partnership between the State and The Atlantic Philanthropies.  The campaign is jointly overseen by the HSE's Health and Wellbeing Division, and the HSE's National Dementia Office.

The campaign seeks to build on the wide range of dementia specific programmes and initiatives already in place around Ireland. It will draw together the people and organisations involved in this work, to join them with wider society, with the health service, with new partners like retail and transport organisations, financial services, and with neighbours and friends, to create a national movement which will help support those living with dementia and their loved ones.

Our campaign will involve public relations, mass media advertising including initially, Radio and Outdoor Posters, Social Media, and later, in 2017, television advertising. We will be supporting and sharing different resources, some already available from some of our partners, and some ones that we hope to develop together. We will also be working with our Partner Organisations to promote local and national initiatives they they develop over the lifetime of the campaign.

As an introduction to us and our messages, here are our Radio Adverts. If you can't see the player below, listen to the ads on Soundcloud here.


Key Campaign Contact:

Nicola Donnelly
National Dementia Campaign Manager
HSE Communications Division,
Dr. Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin D08 W2A8.
Tel: 01 635 2478
Email: Nicola.donnelly1@hse.ie