Partnerships and how to get involved

Each year over 4,000 people in Ireland develop dementia – that’s 11 people every day. Behind the numbers there are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, neighbours and friends. All are living with a brain condition that deeply affects their lives and the lives of people who care for them. With compassion and understanding from people around them, their experience of living with dementia can be made a lot easier. 

Understand Together aims to show that by standing together, we can help build a movement to forge inclusive communities for people with dementia, carers, families and friends. It will encourage individuals, businesses and other organisations to take small practical steps so that together we can build compassionate communities and provide vital social support to people experiencing dementia.
It will build upon initiatives which are already in place, creating a national movement that harnesses Ireland’s strong sense of community and kinship to improve the lives of those touched by dementia.

Individuals and local groups

Individuals and local communities are at the core of creating a supportive and compassionate society for people with dementia and their loved ones. If you are an individual involved in community work relating to dementia or part of a local group and would like to get involved in Understand Together please get in touch with the campaign team. Getting involved can mean sharing your stories, the work your group is doing and helping to promote the campaign at a local level. The campaign team can help support your involvement by supplying promotional materials, highlighting your work and helping connect you with other individuals and groups working to make life better for people with dementia and their loved ones.

Organisations and Businesses

A key element of Understand Together is establishing partnerships with organisations and businesses at national and local levels. By becoming a partner your organisation is committing to endorsing the campaign throughout its lifetime. This endorsement will include some of the following elements and will be agreed following consultation with the organisation.

  1. Publicly supporting the campaign.
  2. Displaying and disseminating promotional materials within your organisation and sharing information about your involvement with the campaign with external stakeholders and customers via your website, social media, newsletters and through the organisation’s networks.
  3. Media activities to help publicise the engagement of your organisation with the campaign.
  4. Staff training to promote dementia awareness.
  5. In addition, the campaign will work with your organisation to identify key promotional activities and awareness initiatives to be agreed throughout the campaign. Initiatives may include working with the campaign on information resources relevant to your organisation and/or your customer base.

Campaign partners and their activities will be profiled via media activities, campaign website, social media and other channels as agreed. The campaign team will provide promotional materials including public relations materials, advice and support relating to training and any other initiatives as agreed.

To find out more please contact:

Nicola Donnelly
National Dementia Campaign Manager
HSE Communications Division,
Dr. Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin D08 W2A8.
Tel: 01 635 2478