The HSE & Genio Dementia Programme, with support from the Atlantic Philanthropies is developing and testing new service models which will improve the range and quality of community-based supports for people with dementia; inform public policy and investment in this area; and build the leadership in the field that is necessary in order to capitalise on the potential of the National Dementia Strategy.

This approach is aligned with government policy, which emphasises the provision of services which support people to remain at home, living full lives for as long as possible, and supporting families and local communities in this goal.

 The HSE & Genio recently published the first comprehensive Community Supports Model for People with Dementia in Ireland to mark World Alzheimer’s Day 2016. Although informed by international learning, this model is a unique Irish innovation and draws from the experience of four key demonstration projects undertaken across Ireland from 2012-15. The focus of this work has been on dementia but the learning from the model also has potential for all older people's services and other service areas.

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