Open Your Eyes to Elder Abuse

There's no Excuse for Elder Abuse

Most older people do not experience abuse. But, unfortunately, there are some older persons who can be harmed or abused by others. An older person may also experience more than one form of abuse at any given time.

This website is designed to answer some common questions about elder abuse; to give information on seeking help; and resources to view and listen. Choose from the options below.

The HSE Social Care Division has published a policy spanning both Older Persons Services and Disability Services. ‘Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse’. This policy provides one overarching policy incorporating services of Elder Abuse and for Persons with a Disability.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

What is Elder Abuse? - Learn about the different types of elder abuse

Recognise the Signs - Find out what to look for and what signs to watch out for

Protect Yourself - Advice on reporting elder abuse and how to access help

Watch and Listen - DVD on recognising Elder Abuse in the Community and links to the Open your Eyes short films

Resources - Information booklet, information card, annual reports and links to external agencies who support Older People

Publications - See all our Elder Abuse Publications

Contact Us - if you want to order a copy of the Open Your Eyes Information Booklet or DVD