Next Steps

Once the Care Needs and Financial Assessments have been processed the HSE will write to you. Firstly, it will advise you of your contribution to care and whether you are eligible for State Support. Secondly, if you have applied for the Nursing Home Loan, it will also advise you about your eligibility for this. Thirdly, it will provide you with a list of nursing homes to choose from. The list will include public nursing homes, voluntary nursing homes and approved private nursing homes. Approved private nursing homes are homes which have agreed the price charged for care with the National Treatment Purchase Fund and are approved for the purposes of the scheme.

You can choose care in any nursing home on the list. However, in order for financial support to be provided:

  • The home must have a place for you, and
  • The home must be able to cater for your particular needs. The nursing home will have to carry out an assessment to determine whether it can meet your particular needs.

Your choice of nursing home is not connected in any way to the level of your contribution to care. If you select a public or voluntary nursing home, you will pay your contribution to the HSE or voluntary home as appropriate each week and the HSE will pay the balance. If you select an approved private nursing home, you will pay your contribution to the nursing home provider each week and the HSE will pay the balance.

The HSE is provided with a set level of funding for the scheme each year. While it is hoped that there would be sufficient funding to support everyone, there may be situations where a person's name must go onto a national placement list until funding becomes available. If this is the case the HSE will notify you when it writes to advise you whether you are eligible for financial support. You will subsequently be notified by the HSE when you have been approved for financial support under the scheme.

For Further Information on the Scheme, please contact your local HSE Nursing Homes Support Office, details are provided below.

You can also call the HSE infoline 1850 24 1850 or visit the website of the Department of Health