How is the Single Assessment Tool (SAT) being introduced?

Since May 2016 three acute hospitals have started a trial implementation of SAT – Beaumont Hospital, Tallaght Hospital and University Hospital Galway.  Multidisciplinary staff in these hospitals were nominated to become SAT assessors and were equipped with and trained to use the standard HSE tablet device. They also completed the SAT training programme which consisted of 4 days classroom training with practice assessments to be completed leading to a mandatory competency evaluation.

SAT assessments are completed by the assessors with older people in various locations in the hospitals on the tablet and stored via cloud computing. The complete assessment, assessment outputs and Summary report are then available to all staff with SAT access for onward referral. These assessments are also considered by members of the Local Placement Forum who make a determination on entry into long term care based on the older persons wishes and assessed need.

Staff in the community areas surrounding these hospitals – Dublin North, Galway and Dublin South West are now commencing SAT implementation. Continuity and integration of care between acute and community sectors will be facilitated and promoted through the implementation of SAT.  Following an evaluation of the implementation process in these locations, SAT will then be implemented nationally on a phased basis throughout 2017.

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