SAT Information System

The SAT Information System has been designed to be user friendly and intuitive. The interRAI assessment operates on a Minimum Data Set principle whilst still being a comprehensive geriatric assessment. It is a safe and secure system and users must be set up on the system to enable access.

See below for a screenshot of the home page of the SAT Information system

 Information system

There are 20 different sections in an assessment all of which must be completed. Each section has a number of questions - each question has a drop down menu of “codes” – one of which must be selected. The use of drop down fields is to minimise writing (although each question allows notes to be written if necessary).

A screenshot of one such section (Communication & Vision) is displayed below:


Once all sections are completed the system then collects codes from each question and streams the codes into inbuilt algorithms to generate assessment outputs. These outputs include scales to support and facilitate clinical decision making, onward referrals and standards of care based on best practice guidelines. It also produces indices of risk, frailty, prioritisation which help support equitable and needs based service provision targeted to those most in need. A summary report displaying all these outputs is also generated by the system which can be emailed as a PDF report or printed for onward non IT referrals.

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