Talbot Centre

Who we are

The Talbot Centre is a free support service for children, young people and families affected by the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

We look after young people up to 20 years old. Priority is given to young people under 18.

Education and training for local workers and school staff are available through our Education Officer.

We aim to

Develop supportive relationships with children, young people and their families in the North Inner City.

What we do

Our services may include:

  • support and guidance
  • advocacy
  • brief counselling
  • family therapy
  • drug and alcohol education
  • substance education
  • prison visits
  • outreach programmes
  • recreational activities
  • networking and liaising with other relevant services 
  • referral to other agencies

Training and Education Programmes:

  • Upskilling staff working with young people in the area of substance misuse education.
  • Learning Together Working Together interagency drug awareness programme.
  • Training the trainer programme - tailored to staff needs working in and out of school setting.
  • Well-being programmes and support to staff in school and out of school settings.
  • Support with development and review of substance misuse policy.

Contact the Education Officer at The Talbot Centre for further information. 

Referral Procedure

Referral from within catchment area only.  We accept agency, family and self-referrals.

Referred Persons must be willing to participate.

Catchment Area

North Inner City Drug and Alcohol Task Force area only.

Our contact details:

29, Upper Buckingham Street,

Dublin 1 


Phone: 01 836 3434 or 01 836 6746


Opening hours Monday to Friday are from 9.15 am to 5.00 pm. The last appointment is at 4 pm.