Soilse Transformation Plan 2018

Soilse Transformation Plan 2018

In recent years, Soilse has been examining the way we do our work. This follows feedback from our service users, research on recovery, visits to recovery projects abroad and the performance indicators in the 2017 National Drugs Strategy.

Starting in 2018, Soilse began transforming its drug-free programme in Green Street to a recovery model. Our new approach starts from the premise that the power to change rests in the recovering person, not the expert. It focuses on the person’s strengths, experience and insights with the overall aim of building the individual’s recovery capital.

What this means in practice for Soilse Green Street is:
* an 8-week pre-entry phase, focusing on relapse prevention, NA meetings, drug screens and holistics
* an 18-week recovery programme, focusing on recovery and thematic groups
* literacy assessments and support
* NA meetings
* individual care planning

Those with a high probability of dyslexia are referred to a dedicated dyslexia programme when they finish the Soilse programme.

Our detox and treatment preparation programme in Henrietta Place, which initiates the recovery journey, will continue to run as at present but with additional recovery activities.

Soilse will continue to develop and refine this recovery-centred approach in line with available resources.