Testimonials: Soilse

David C: I would recommend Soilse to others and the reason is that it has made me more confident and me more assertive. It has made me stand up for what I believe in and for myself. It gives you more education. It helps you interact with people. It helps you be more responsible and act as part of a community. It helps you calm down in your attitude and behaviour.

Soilse has made a huge difference in my life. It has made me believe in myself that I could further my education. It has made me more punctual with my structure. It has made me think before I act in different situations. It has made me more aware around addiction and how quick it can catch back up on you. It has made me build relationships with my kids, my girlfriend and my family. It has put options in place for me when I finish up in Soilse.

It has done me well in my recovery, my education, my anger, my denial, my self-centeredness, my old behaviour. It has made me believe in myself that I could go back to college. It has helped me to say 'no'. It has helped me to stay clear of addiction and my addictive behaviours. It has given me my life back and given my family their son, uncle, grandson, godchild and father back which is priceless. Words cannot describe how much Soilse has done for me. If you work the Soilse programme to the full extent, it would be priceless what it will do for you.

Michael: Soilse has helped me in many ways. It has helped me further my education with FETAC courses in maths, communications, drama, health and fitness, computers and art. It also helped me brush up on my relapse prevention. We have recovery education where we're given suggestions that could help you meet up with the right people that are also in recovery and are strong in themselves.

We have groups where you can talk about anything that is troubling you and you will be given feedback from your peers on what might help you to get through your difficulties. We also do career guidance and get help around employment or further education for when we finish up in Soilse. Without Soilse, I wouldn't have any education. I wouldn't be going on to college. I wouldn't have made the friends that I have met in the programme. I am very grateful to Soilse for all the help they have given me.

I would recommend Soilse if you are just out of residential treatment and need a structure in your life. You will get all that I have got and probably more. It will help you choose the right roads in life and give you the tools to stay clean and sober like it has done for me. It will be a very good experience for you and you will also make a couple of very good friends from it.

Mark: I would recommend Soilse to anybody. It has given me good structure in early recovery combined with good self-discipline and the confidence to start taking some positive steps towards something I’ve put off all my life – going to college.

Darren: I would really recommend Soilse. My time here has been great. It’s after giving me something to do with my time. It’s good having something to get up for every morning. It’s not just about getting a FETAC [certificate] either. There is a lot of recovery education involved and the group meetings are good for getting things off your chest. It’s also a great place for meeting new people and being able to have a laugh with them and, at the same time, knowing they are there to help you if you need it.

David: In my experience since I started Soilse, I have gained a lot of knowledge in understanding how addiction affects people. It has a good support network and it helps you to interact with other people. It helps you gain your self-confidence back and helps you realise that you can live your life without returning to drink or drugs. Everyone here in Soilse is in the same boat as yourself and you gain great strength from that. Also, you can get a basic education here which will help you along the way. It has been great for me so far so I look forward to completing the programme and going on to further education.

John: I think Soilse is a good idea to go to after treatment because it helps you in a lot of ways. It helps you come out of your shell and connect with people who have gone through the same as you. And it also helps you with education, the basics you need to continue with your education. It helps you a lot with your confidence and gives you the confidence to challenge your self in other aspects.

Pearse: When I started here in Soilse, I had just finished treatment so I found the balance between the recovery/group element and the introduction back to learning suited me. I still needed to work on my personal development and the educational stuff opened me to the possibilities there are out there that I hadn’t seen myself. I also found the help and [career] guidance I’ve been given very useful and relevant.

Gillian: My experience in Soilse was a journey into self-awareness. It gave me time to focus and it laid the foundation for me to live a drug-free life. I learned how to make positive and healthy decisions like going to the Lantern and the Rutland Centre. I really put 100% into my recovery and I am now reaping the rewards for the hard work. I am clean two years and even though I still have bad days, it is well worth doing. The staff in Soilse were non-judgmental and that's what I needed at that time in my life.

Alan: When I got clean, Soilse provided me with the time and space to get my head together. If I had stuff going on for me, there were people there that I could talk to that understood. Getting clean was a big step for me. The world seemed like a terrifying place but Soilse was a safe place for me to be myself. It prepared me for the outside world. I am now eight years drug free and my life has completely turned around. I have held down a steady job for the past six years. I am now married and have one child. We also have our own house.

Chris: My experience in Soilse was an extremely positive one. I had reached rock bottom in my drug use and I had no idea how to resurface. Through my participation in Soilse, as well as using other supports, I became drug free. In the years since then my life has improved ten-fold. I now know that I have the ability to reach the goals that I once dreamed about. Even though the goals were my own, with the encouragement and the support of the staff in Soilse, I have accomplished more than I ever thought possible and I continue to live a drug-free life to the full.