Update on the CLIMB Programme

The National Cancer Control Programme are delighted to announce the Survivorship team in the NCCP will now co-ordinate the delivery of the CLIMB programme and work with the Cancer Support Centres and Hospitals to facilitate the resumption of the programme whose delivery has been paused during the COVID pandemic and to expand its delivery. Please contact Carmel Sheehy in the NCCP at carmel.sheehy@cancercontrol.ie with any queries.

The CLIMB (Childrens Lives Include Moments of Bravery) programme was founded by The Childrens Treehouse Foundation in 2001 in Colorado. It is a programme for children aged 5 to 12 who are experiencing the impact of a parent’s, other significant adult’s or a brother or sister’s cancer diagnosis. The programme is run over 6 weeks and aims to build upon the child’s strengths and increase their ability to cope with stress associated with the parent’s illness. Through group activities, small groups of children engage in art therapy and play therapy as tools to enable them to express their feelings.

Due to the generous support and commitment from CLIMB4CLARE since 2015 the CLIMB programme is now being delivered in a number of Cancer Support Centres and Hospitals in Ireland. CLIMB4CLARE is a fundraising initiative supported by the Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA). Clare Clarke worked with the LGFA when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a mother of two young children she was searching for support for them when she discovered that CLIMB was being delivered in Northern Ireland through Cancer Focus. Clare’s aim was to make the programme available throughout all cancer care centres in Ireland.  CLIMB4CLARE worked with the family therapist in Cancer Focus to begin delivering training to new CLIMB leaders in the Republic of Ireland.

CLIMB4CLARE have fundraised to cover the costs for delivering CLIMB training, provided grants to the Cancer Support Centres to run CLIMB and have supported leaders delivering the programme. Prior to the COVID pandemic the CLIMB programme was being offered in over 35 locations in the Republic of Ireland with over a 100 trained facilitators.

The National Cancer Control Programme wish to thank CLIMB4CLARE, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, Clare and her family for all the support they have given to developing the CLIMB programme in Ireland and look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure the programme continues to grow and develop.

Last updated on: 24 / 11 / 2021