Commencement of pilot of attachment of photographs to the NCCP Pigmented Lesion Electronic GP Referral Form

The NCCP are delighted to advise that a pilot project to enable the attachment of photographs to the existing NCCP Electronic Pigmented Lesion GP referral has commenced in the following hospitals, with more hospitals to join in the coming months.

  •  South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital
  •  Roscommon University Hospital

 This pilot will be evaluated to ascertain if the addition of a photo is an aid to triage. During the pilot phase, triage decisions will not be made on the basis of the photo. 

The eReferral is sent in the same way, but General Practitioners can now attach a photograph. Each GP will be able to attach a maximum of 3 files for each referral. Each file can be up to 4MB in size. The accepted file types for images are JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. This covers the standard image types for the majority of digital capture devices.

The aim of the pilot is to assess the quality, benefit and support to triage when referring patients with pigmented lesions and if this facility should be continued.

We hope that this new facility will  benefit both GPs and their patients.

The NCCP are very grateful to all that are involved in this pilot project.  

Trends in NCCP Pigmented Lesion GP eReferral are shown in graph below:

Pigmented lesion photo pilot

Last updated on: 23 / 06 / 2020