Contract for Medical Oncology Clinical Management System awarded 2017

The National Cancer Control Programme and the Office of the CIO within the HSE, are pleased to announce the recent contract award to Becton Dickinson (BD) Austria GmbH for a Medical Oncology Clinical Management System (MOCIS). This contract award follows an EU Procurement process. As the prime contractor BD will work with their partners, as set out in their proposal, to provide the MOCIS solution. This solution will include a Closed Loop Prescribing module, Multi Disciplinary Meetings capability, Patient Systemic Anti Cancer Therapy records and Communications Engine facilities.

The Medical Oncology Clinical Information System (MOCIS) Programme is an eHealth programme under the leadership of the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP). The goal of the MOCIS programme is to provide a patient centric information system solution for Systemic Anti Cancer Therapy (SACT) in Medical Oncology and Haemato-Oncology care services.

Work will start on the MOCIS in early 2017 and the overall project will take 4 years to deliver.

CEO of eHealth Ireland & CIO of the HSE, Richard Corbridge said,

“I am delighted that the tender has been awarded to Becton Dickinson (BD) Austria GmbH for a Medical Oncology Clinical Management System (MOCIS). This project will make a significant difference for all patients receiving Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (Chemotherapy) across Ireland enabling a digital support for prescribing and administering chemotherapy and working towards building a better health service.”

Dr Jerome Coffey, Director National Cancer Control Programme added,

“The development and implementation of the MOCIS will improve the process of patient care by bringing the information and records together to enable multi- disciplinary team work in a more efficient and effective way. This will mean better integrated services for patients and the potential to improve the quality and safety of that care.”

NCCP BD Celsius 37 and R Corbridge

Front Row:Ms Stefanie Duchet, International Project Manager, BD; Dr Jerome Coffey, Director, National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP)

Back Row:Mr Bernd Sadlo, Celsius 37; Mr Christian Uhlig, Celsius 37; Mr Richard Corbridge, CIO, HSE; Ms Patricia Heckmann, Chief Pharmacist, NCCP