Launch of National Cancer Information System

Launch of the National Cancer Information System (NCIS) at St. Luke's Hospital, Rathgar

The National Cancer Control Programme is delighted to announce the launch of the National Cancer Information System (NCIS) which took place at St. Luke’s Hospital, Rathgar on November 21st 2019.


Pictured are (l to r) Clinical Nurse Manager Agnes Murphy, patient Greg Fleming, and Staff Nurse Elaine Nicholson in St Luke’s Hospital at the launch of the National Cancer Information System (NCIS)

NCIS went live at St Luke’s Hospital Rathgar, on Monday 13th May 2019. NCIS allows for the recording of information about a patient’s cancer case, diagnosis and treatment with cancer drugs and supports the care of oncology and haemato-oncology patients across Ireland.  


Pictured clockwise from left: Patricia Heckmann (NCCP), Dr Jerome Coffey (NCCP), Jacqueline Robinson (SLRON), Trevor O'Callaghan (Dublin Midlands Hospital Group), Dr Clare Faul (SLRON), Dr Oscar Breathnach (Beaumont Hospital), Michael Conroy (Department of Health)


At the launch, Dr. Jerome Coffey, National Director, National Cancer Control Programme said: “This project is making a significant difference for all patients receiving Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (Chemotherapy) across Ireland enabling a digital support for prescribing and administering chemotherapy and working towards building a better health service.”

Last updated on: 22 / 11 / 2019