Process for submission of chemotherapy regimens to NCCP

Providers of systemic chemotherapy services may submit regimens for consideration for inclusion as NCCP approved regimens which will be available for national use on the NCCP website.

The key steps in the regimen submission process are as follows:

1. Regimen request is made by completing the NCCP regimen template form, which is available from

2. The completed form should be emailed to

3. The email should also contain the following:

  • The clinical evidence / reference(s) to support the regimen being submitted
  • The name and contact details of the Consultant proposing the new regimen
  • A contact number in the event of queries

4. The regimen will be reviewed by the NCCP under the guidance of the NCCP Clinical Leads to determine the suitability of the regimen and whether further development is required.

5. Those regimens that meet with approval will continue on to full development and be published on the NCCP website through the standard processes.