Guide to sending a Pancreatic Cancer Interhospital Referral Form by email 

  1. Select and download the pancreatic referral emailable form  [note that this is currently available for referrals to St Vincents only; referrals to the Southern Satellite Unit in Cork should be made by fax or post]
  2. Note there is no need to complete the signature field when submitting the form by email
  3. Indicate which investigations have been carried out and whether reports/CDs/slides are being sent to the centre. Note that for referral to the pancreatic MDT service, a CT pancreatic protocol (or MRI pancreas as equivalent) should have been carried out. 
  4. Results of investigations may be entered on pages 2 & 3 of the referral form by copy/paste or free text. Images will not paste into the form. Please ensure that patient details are visible OR Reports (e.g. in pdf format) may be sent as an email attachment with this form. Please indicate in the body of the email if additional attachments are included.
  5. Ensure the completed form has been saved to an appropriate location before emailing. You may wish to print a copy of the form, for filing in the patient’s medical notes.
  6. Should you wish to send reports (e.g. in pdf format) these may be sent to the team by email with this form. Please indicate in the body of the email if additional attachments are included.
  7. The completed form (+/-attachments) should be emailed to
  8. For data protection reasons, emails must be sent from an official health services workplace* email account. The receiving email account is part of the secure healthmail network and will reject emails sent from outside the secure network (i.e. personal or academic accounts, or unregistered health care providers*).
  9. Emails successfully received will be acknowledged automatically.
  10. If you experience any difficulty in accessing the form, please contact your local IT department.
  11. If you need to discuss a patient urgently, please contact the pancreatic teams using the on call numbers provided. Do not await an email response.
  12. If you have any comments or suggestions as to how to improve this form or referral process, email 

* Note all public hospitals and many private health care providers are registered with Healthmail. This is a requirement for secure email transfer using this system. If you wish to ensure your service is registered, please check the list of Healthmail connected agencies on the eHealthIreland website.