Information for NCIS post Cyber Attack

Current Status of the NCIS System

Please be advised of the following:

  • NCIS Production and NCIS Train are available. 
  • Please check your healthIRL login and change your password.
  • If your HealthIRL password has expired and/or you are not able to progress changing this - please contact the National Service Desk directly and request a reset.

We will advise when NCIS TEST is available.

Managing Patient Data in NCIS Following Restoration  

The NCIS Office has drafted guidance to assist hospitals in managing their patient data in NCIS  following the restoration of the Production Environment

Each hospital can consider what level of data reconciliation will be required to update patient records.

This may include:

  • Recommendations made for patients at MDM during the period of downtime
  • Changes to the patient’s therapy plan e.g. dose reductions, delays etc.
  • Tasks which are outstanding in NCIS, but which may have been completed externally to NCIS during the period of downtime ( e.g. prepared/dispensed medications awaiting administration, open MDM registrations in NCIS that have not been locked. Update lot management to current stock levels of products and infusion solutions)

Please see link below for guidance document on managing patient data following the restoration of NCIS

Managing Patient Data.pdf (size 401.3 KB)

Please see link below to Briefing note 005 that provides information on the National Cancer Information System post cyber attack

Briefing Note 005 NCIS System.pdf (size 627.3 KB)

If you have any queries please contact the NCIS office