Delivering Bad News Well: Enhanced Communication Skills Training

The National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) in collaboration with the Office for Nursing and Midwifery Services Directorate (ONMSD) are sponsoring a series of training workshops to enhance the communication skills of health professionals caring for cancer patients in the acute hospitals.

Many hospital staff deliver bad news or deal with patients and families around the time that they receive difficult and life changing news. Most of these staff have had no formal education or training in this specific area. Enabling individuals to hear, understand and accept their diagnosis is critical in fostering a positive patient experience. This is a priority for the clinical professions and for the HSE.

These workshops support staff in developing their communication skills, confidence and competence when dealing with patients and families at these times of difficult news.

The workshops have a train the trainer structure. This provides on-going and sustainable training in all cancer centres and treating hospitals nationwide.

Read report on "Delivering Bad News well - Support for enhancing communication skills for Healthcare Professionals working with Cancer Patients 2016-2018"