Community Nuitrition & Dietetic Service

What is a Community Dietitian?

A dietitian is an expert on food and nutrition for health.

Our health is hugely affected by the choices we make every day regarding food and drink, being active, smoking, weight management, alcohol intake and rest and relaxation.

A Dietitian can guide and support you to consider what are doing that is good for your health and help you to identify areas you may like to work on to protect or improve your health.

Dietitians are state registered with CORU and members of the INDI (Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute), the professional organisation for dietitians in Ireland.

Dietitians work in the HSE alongside your GP and other HSE health professionals (known as your Primary Care Team).

Dietitians are also involved with health promotion work in your community and training other health professionals regarding nutrition.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, this is a FREE SERVICE for everyone whether you have a medical card or not.

Who can see a Dietitian?

Dietitians see people from all age groups, from babies to children and adults. They provide dietary support and information based on the best scientific evidence on a range of health conditions. 

Are you living with type 2 Diabetes?  In many areas the Community Dietitian runs a free group education course for type 2 diabetes (DESMOND or X-PERT) check availability and register for free here:

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