Antenatal Clinics, University Hospital Kerry

Antenatal Clinics

Antenatal care is important to ensure the well being of both you and your baby.  It provides opportunity throughout your pregnancy to discuss and plan your wishes for your babies birth with your doctor and midwife.  We support a system of antenatal care which is combined care between your GP, Consultant and Midwife.   Our antenatal clinics take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The day you come will depend on the Consultant your are under.  We also provide a midwife clinic.  At your booking visit this will be discussed with you.  These clinics are held on the same day as the Consultant clinic so if at any time you need to see the Consultant, this will happen.  The Antenatal clinics take place in the outpatients Department located on the ground floor to the right as you come in the main entrance to the hospital.

First Antenatal Visit

You will be sent an appointment for your first visit.  Your initial visit will take place in the Fetal Assessment Unit.  You will firstly meet with the receptionist who will take your details and show you to the waiting area.  Please remember that whatever surname you give will be the surname your baby will be known as. 

 We also provide a low risk midwife clinic.  At your booking visit, if deemed appropriate, this option will be discussed with you.  High risk clinics are provided for complex pregnancies.

Consultant / Midwife

The midwife will take your history.  Bloods will be taken for Group and Antibody levels, Full Blood Count, HIV, VDRL (sexually transmitted infections), Rubella, Hepatitis screen, Varicella (Chicken Pox).  Any other tests as discussed with you and deemed necessary.  Advice will be given on diet and lifestyle.

Ultrasound Scan

A scan will be carried out to check how advanced your pregnancy is and to calculate your date of delivery.  You are not routinely scanned at every visit unless there is a clinical reason to do so.  Scans for fetal abnormality are now performed in University Hospital Kerry.   Please ask your Consultant if further information is required.  Scans for fetal anatomy are preformed in UHK when indicated.

Birth Plan Packing for Hospital

Points to consider when drawing up your Birth plan are flexibility and understanding.  We are happy to accommodate where possible to help you with your Birth plan – Please discuss your needs with your Consultant and midwife.  Do attend the Antenatal classes which help form your questions. You will be given information on the times of classes when you attend the booking clinic.

Early Pregnancy Unit

There is a clinic to assess problems in the first trimester. This is available Mon – Fri 8-10 and Sat/Sun 10 -11 by appointment which can be arranged by your GP.

Medical Surgical Problems in Pregnancy

A multi-disciplinary approach is taken to include Physicians, Surgeons, Radiologist and any other team that needs to be included

Admission to the Unit – Where a midwife is available for advice 24/7

If you require admission at any time or have any queries during your pregnancy please ring Ardfert Ward on 066-7184324 where a midwife will speak to you.