Emergency Medicine Department: Kerry General Hospital

The Emergency Department can sometimes be a very scary or even a confusing place. Many times, it is a matter of life and death for the patients that come through the ED doors. Even just to know where to start or where to go could be a terrifying experience for patients and their families.  To ensure that everyone is calm and relaxed is a large part of a hospitals duty and service to the community.

About Us

The Emergency Department of University Hospital Kerry provides a service to about 35000 patients each year. The Department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provides a service to both adults and children. Due to the fact that priority is given to patients with life-threatening injuries or illnesses, here is some information to facilitate our endeavour to see all patients in a timely manner.


A receptionist is on duty 24 hours a day to receive patients and facilitate admission in to the unit by collecting essential registration details including name, date of birth, address, General Practitioner, contact details and previous attendances. Registration of a patient will in no circumstance hamper a patient’s urgent care. If previously admitted these notes will be retrieved for the continuation of care.

A Triage nurse will assess you as soon as possible after arrival. This is to ensure that the most urgent patient is seen first and not necessarily according to arrival time, including patients arriving by Ambulance. The Manchester Triage system is used and will categorize the patient into one of five priority categories ranging from life-threatening to primary care nature.

After a patient has been triaged, they will be streamed to different areas in the department most appropriate to their presentation. Some of these patients will be seen directly by specialist teams like Gynaecology, Psychiatry or other appropriate teams.

In the Emergency Department of University Hospital Kerry, we are proud to have our own Paediatric waiting area, a neat and child-friendly environment where they will wait to be seen by the Paediatric on call team in cases of a medical nature. If a child has been assessed by a GP and referred in with a surgical condition, these children will then be directly assessed by the Surgical on call team.

We are also proud to have Advance Nurse Practitioners (ANP’s) as an integral part of our unit who will see and treat the more minor injuries like, sprains, fractures and lacerations. This is to facilitate a faster flow through the unit and keep acute presentation waiting times as low as possible.

All other patients will be seen and treated by a combined team of skilled nurses and doctors.


If it is decided that the patient needs admission, the patient will be handed over to a specific admitting team, whether it is Medical, Surgical, Orthopaedic or whatever care needs to be given. We will arrange a bed for the patient on the appropriate ward as soon as one comes available. This may take time, and the emergency staff will take care of them in the meantime.

Follow-up Care

If the patient doesn’t need admission or are fit for discharge, we will organise any follow-up appointments. These will be with your GP via a discharge letter for GP care, further specialist or community nursing care. In certain cases, we will refer you to a specific Orthopaedic outpatient clinic, or our own weekly Consultant-led ED Review Clinic.

Contact Us

Phone (066) 7184000

In case of an emergency dial 999 for an ambulance.