Clinical Programmes

Public Health Professionals contribute to the National Clinical Programmes and a Consultant in Public Health Medicine is leading on the Chronic Disease Prevention Programme.

The key goals of the National Clinical Programmes:

  • Disease Prevention
    • to ensure all clinical programmes develop a comprehensive prevention strategy
  • Support Evidence-based Clinical Programmes
    • to ensure all clinical programmes are informed by available evidence and are designed to achieve best health outcomes for the population
  • Meet Information Needs of Programmes
    • to ensure all clinical programmes have information and evidence needed for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Participate in Clinical Advisory Groups
    • to provide public health expertise to these groups

Multi-disciplinary input from Departments ofPublic Health to National Clinical Programmes:

Consultants in Public Health provide epidemiological and other public health expertise

Programme Managers coordinate and lead on development of each clinical programme

Public Health Researchers provide expert analysis on health service data

Key Public Health Actions:

  • Advocate best practice in all areas of health care delivery
  • Bring population perspective - so that improvements in health are maximised across the population
  • Advocate on full spectrum of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care
  • Monitor performance – promote use of population measures as well as those aimed at improvements for individuals
  • Promote equity - advise on measures to ensure equity of health outcome across society