Covid-19 & Heatstroke

Symptoms of Covid-19 and heatstroke

Some of the symptoms of Covid-19 and Heatstroke are similar such as:

  • Headache
  • High temperature
  • Loss of appetite and feeling sick.
  • Tiredness

Other symptoms of Covid-19 include:

  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Diarrhoea
  • Loss of smell
  • Loss of taste

Other symptoms of Heatstroke include:

  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Excessive sweating and pale, clammy skin
  • Cramps in your arms, legs, stomach
  • Fast breathing or pulse
  • Being very thirsty

It is very important that if you have symptoms of Covid-19, even if you think it might be caused by heat, that you isolate and get tested for Covid-19 as quickly as possible. 

You might have Covid-19, or be suffering from the heat, or you might even have a both Covid-19 and a heat related illness. 

But if you are feeling very unwell, always get medical help. 

It’s a good idea to phone ahead before you go to your GP or your emergency department.  This allows them to take precautions to make sure you, as well as other patients and staff, are kept safe.