Information on Wildfires for The General Public

These often occur in bogs and forest areas during very hot weather.  

The general health advice is to stay out of the smoke if possible, as it is an irritant and can commonly make both the eyes and throat sore in addition to other health effects such as breathing problems. 

 Provided that there is no risk from the fire itself, general public health advice is:

  • During episodes with high air pollution from the wildfire smoke, people – particularly those at increased risk (e.g. children, elderly, and pregnant women; people with existing medical conditions such as asthma, other respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases; and smokers) – should stay indoors
  • Keep windows closed during episodes of high air pollution.  Nevertheless, try also to consider the suggestions on keeping homes cool during periods of high temperature
  • Reduce other sources of indoor air pollution, such as smoking cigarettes, using propane gas or wood-burning stoves, spraying aerosol products, and frying or grilling food
  • If people in the immediate area of fire (particularly those most at risk as above) experience any symptoms or have concerns, they should reduce their level of activity and seek access to prompt healthcare advice; and
  • Throughout the period of the fire, monitor and follow the recommendations of the local authorities and health services

Updated 11th July 2018.