How we improve health services

Public Health professionals play a significant role within the health service in evaluating and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of health care and implementing service development.

Health information from a wide variety of sources is used by public health professionals to make important decisions affecting the strategic priorities of the health service.

How Public Health improves health services

Assessment of health status

Assessment of health care needs

Development of newborn screening programmes

Expert advice on service planning and service reconfiguration

Service monitoring and evaluation. Promote evidence-based practice and Health Intelligence

Contribute to the National Clinical Programmes and the National Cancer Control Programme

Activities include:

  • Analyse epidemiological trends
  • Develop key performance indicators and other measures for monitoring and evaluation, e.g. National Performance Indicator and Activity Suite
  • Advise on data collection, collation and analysis
  • Provide methodological support for research
  • Emphasize evidence based prevention and clinical services
  • Knowledge translation
  • Support the development of cost-effective health programmes
  • Ensure that a population perspective is to the fore and that appropriate denominators are used at the clinical-public health interface
  • Support the development and implementation of evidence-based referral and treatment guidelines

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