Ash me on a date!

HSE QUIT gives romantic advice on National No Smoking Day - 14 February 2018

  •  5 ways QUITTING will improve your love life
  •  How to support your partner when they QUIT

The Health Service doesn’t normally issue romantic advice, but this year Valentine’s Day is also Ash Wednesday, National No Smoking Day, and so HSE QUIT are offering support and advice that will benefit the love lives of each of the 1 in 5 adults who currently smoke. 

Martina Blake, HSE Lead for the Tobacco Free Programme, highlights the benefits of quitting:

“Giving up will improve your skin, make your breath smell great and there’s no doubt that quitting is 100% sure to make you look and feel more attractive. And you’ll also have money in your pocket to treat your loved one, and yourself.”

The good news is that most smokers really want to quit smoking, so they will be delighted to know that they are four times as likely to succeed in giving the habit up for good if they combine nicotine replacement therapy or other medication (available on prescription) with our free personalised QUIT advice, tips and support (available face to face through a wide variety of our smoking cessation clinics or groups, by phone and online). For more information visit

 Kate Cassidy, Health Promotion & Improvement Tobacco Co-ordinator gives some advice on How to support your partner when they QUIT:

  • Reassure your partner that you will support them for as long as it takes – a smoker usually tries to quit many times before they quit for good. 
  • Recommend that they contact the Quit service by calling Freephone 1800 201 203 where you can discuss your quitting attempt with your own personal advisor. They will also discuss stop-smoking medication, which increases your chances of quitting for good.
  • Help your partner to celebrate small achievements like being 1 day smoke free, the first week or making it through stressful events without smoking. Distract them from cravings by doing things together to bring the romance back into your life like going for a meal, take a walk, send them a message of support or by just being together.  
  • Most smokers want to quit, and for any non-smoking partner or potential partners who would like to support them, there are lots of tips and advice available on

 5 reasons QUITTING will improve your love life:

  1. Your skin looks better. Smoking causes premature ageing of the skin by reducing the amount of oxygen getting to the cells and the toxins and chemicals in tobacco smoke cause premature wrinkles and fine lines. Giving up allows you to keep your bloom for longer.
  2. You’ll be more attractive. A study comparing twins where one smoked showed that people found the non-smoker more attractive:
  3. It’s reasonably well known that smoking affects fertility, but lesser understood that it has a negative impact on a man’s performance in the bedroom:
  4. You’ll smell more attractive. A simple Google search on smoker’s breath shows what a turn-off this is for single non-smokers. Giving up means you’ll smell like yourself, not an ashtray.
  5. You can pay for dinner. Even smoking just five to ten cigarettes a day takes at least €30 out of your pocket a week. Add in the chewing gum, mints, aftershave or perfume to cover up the smell and you’re probably more likely down €40-€50 a week. For anyone smoking 20 cigarettes a day, they’re out at least €70 a week.

Every quit attempt brings you closer to success, and we want people to think about how they will feel when they realise that they have successfully quit for good.  Smokers obviously do need to want to quit for themselves in order to be successful, but having a loved one’s support and/or your children encouraging you, always helps to keep you motivated. Remember, if you’re a smoker: You can QUIT and we can help.  Contact the QUIT team today. You are twice as likely to quit for good with our help.

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Last updated on: 13 / 02 / 2018