CervicalCheck launches first-ever Education Strategy at Limerick offices

The HSE’s CervicalCheck Education Strategy 2022 – 2025 was recently launched in Limerick by the Chief Executive of the National Screening Service, CervicalCheck staff and Education Advisory Group representatives.

Fiona Murphy, Chief Executive of the National Screening Service said: “The vast majority of the cervical screening tests taken every year are carried out in GP surgeries and clinics.

“As well as answering any questions women and people with a cervix may have prior to having the test, these highly skilled staff also ensure results are communicated to women and recommendations are followed up. They play a key role in supporting women to take part in cervical screening.

“Ensuring those who take CervicalCheck tests have access to excellent, ongoing training and development has been crucial to the provision of a quality-assured cervical screening programme and to the health of women in Ireland.”

She told attendees at the launch that the health professionals who carry out screening tests were pivotal to delivering a high-quality service.

“I’d like to congratulate the STU team in Limerick for developing a strategy that I have no doubt will contribute to better health outcomes for women from now into the future,” she added.

The strategy will support the continued growth of high-quality, accessible education for healthcare professionals – including GPs, trainee GPs and practice nurses - involved in delivering cervical screening in Ireland.

Dr Rachael Comer, Head of CervicalCheck Screening Training Unit said: “I’d like to thank the STU team, programme management and all those on our Expert Advisory Group who offered us their time and experience.

“Together we have created a woman-centred strategy that will guide all those involved in taking CervicalCheck screening tests, from novices to experienced sampletakers, in their professional practice for many years to come.”

Last updated on: 16 / 05 / 2023