CHO Area 1 (Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan and Sligo) Primary Care staff in CHO Area 1 are the focus of new video

HSE CHO1 Head of Service, Primary Care, Dermot Monaghan has described the efforts of staff in Primary Care as unprecedented in a video thanking staff for all they have done since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Mr Monaghan’s video is the fourth in a series of six released over the last week which were filmed in HSE Community Services across Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan and Sligo featuring CHO1 management paying tribute to staff within their sections.

The concept was envisaged by the Executive Management Team who wanted to reflect their appreciation of all the efforts CHO 1 staff have gone to, to adapt to new ways of delivering services as well as delivering existing services against all odds.

CHO1 Head of Service, Primary Care Mr Dermot Monaghan said ” The term ‘frontline worker’ or ‘essential worker’ has taken on a new meaning. The resilience, commitment, dedication, enthusiasm and sacrifice of all staff and the willingness to respond to whatever the ask with a “can-do” attitude has been unprecedented. As Head of Service Primary Care, we’re so proud and thankful for everything our staff (and patients) are doing in the face of pressure from the coronavirus pandemic and we acknowledge their families who continue to support their efforts to deal with the ongoing pandemic.”

On Tuesday September 28th,  in a video to staff of Older Persons Services, Head of Service Mr Frank Morrison said “You have demonstrated your resilience, incredible commitment, skill, energy and dedication. You continue to show your great generosity by participating in the ongoing serial testing and vaccination programmes. We are going to overcome these times and when we do so, we will ensure we will move forward with the key learnings which will inform how we deliver services into the future. I wish to thank you all.”

The first video was released on Friday September 24th by Chief Officer, CHO 1, Mr John Hayes.  Speaking to staff in the video he said “You brought calm to chaos, reassurance to those scared and comfort to the sick. Every single one of you played a role in making the lives of those people across the CHO 1 area better in an unprecedented situation and for this, I will never be able to express my gratitude completely.”

On Monday September 27th, HSE CHO1 Head of Service, Disability Services Ms Edel Quinn said  “An often used quote is “There is Ability in Disability”. There certainly is ability in CHO1 Disability Services staff, the ability to keep on giving, to keep on caring and the ability to keep on doing the right thing. My sincere thanks to all of the staff in CHO1 Disability Services for your COVID response. Please know how valued each and every one of you are and be very proud of what you have delivered and how you have cared during this pandemic.”

Each day this week a video is being released by each Head of Service including, Mr Frank Morrison, Head of Service, Older Persons, Mr Dermot Monaghan, Head of Service, Primary Care, Ms Cara O’Neill, Head of Service, Health and Wellbeing and Mr Leo Kinsella, Head of Service, Mental Health.

Each video is unique and features staff from the relevant service. It is about the staff and for the staff.

We hope these videos will be widely viewed by our residents, service users and the wider community as a whole and give an overall understanding of work undertaken by HSE CHO1 staff across the five counties since March 2020. 

The videos will broadcast via CHO1 Comms YouTube channel which can be accessed at CHO1Comms - YouTube

Watch Mr Monaghan’s video 

Watch Mr Morrison’s video 

Watch Mr Hayes’s video 

Watch Ms Quinn’s video

Last updated on: 29 / 09 / 2021