Civil Registration Service offices reopen to the public

HSE Press Release, Friday, 01 October 2021

Emergency Civil Registration measures end - How to register a birth or death, or give notice of intention to marry from 1st October 2021

From today, Friday, October 1, 2021, the public offices of the Civil Registration Service will reopen to members of the public who want to register births or deaths, or give notice of intention to marry. It is likely that some restrictions will continue for some offices to ensure social distancing and meet residual public health guidance. The facility to register births and deaths by post or by sending the required documentation by email will cease. This will not affect applications posted or emailed before the 1st October.

For information on how to register a birth, or death or give notice of intention to marriage please visit the HSE website here:

Find your Civil Registration Office at the HSE website here:

“Arrangements for marriage notifications are as follows: Any postal notification form received by post and/or email after September 30th 2021 and postmarked/emailed on or before September 30th 2021 can be accepted as the commencement of the 3 months’ notice period.

“Marriage Notification Appointments: Any postal notification form postmarked/emailed dated after September 30th 2021 cannot be accepted. The 3 months’ notice begins on the day that the couple attend in person at their pre-booked appointment to serve notice of intention to marry. If you are unable through illness to attend in person or are resident abroad you can request a postal notification form from a registrar if you want to serve notice after 30th September.


Last updated on: 01 / 10 / 2021