Confidential Recipient for Health Service publishes First Annual Report - Press Release


  • 64% of all concerns reported during 2015 were resolved / closed within a month.
  • Of the 106 concerns raised and closed during 2015, 58 were investigated, upheld and resolved.  32 concerns reported were investigated and the Confidential Recipient determined that no further action was necessary.
  • 7 concerns were passed to other services for investigation (3, Consumer Affairs - relating to Acute Hospitals Division, 2  Concerns were passed to HIQA as they related to Private Nursing Homes, 1 concern to National Advocacy Service and 1 concern to TUSLA.
  • 2 concerns were partially accepted and a further 2 concerns warranted no action.
  • 5 other concerns raised related to provision of equipment, future care or excursion costs.

In December 2014 the HSE published its policy on Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at risk of abuse. This policy seeks to provide a consistent approach to protecting vulnerable people from abuse and neglect, to ensure all services have a no tolerance approach to any form of abuse, and to promote a culture that supports this ethos.  At the time of the publication of the policy, Leigh Gath was appointed as the Confidential Recipient for the Health Service. She has just completed her first year in post and is today, Wednesday 2nd March 2016, publishing her first annual report. Leigh provides an open door to any individuals or family members who wish to have their concerns examined in the strictest confidence.

Commenting on her role Leigh Gath said, “I receive concerns and allegations of abuse, negligence, mistreatment or poor care practices in HSE or HSE funded residential care facilities from any person (resident, client advocate, family member, staff or the public).  I also receive complaints in relation to Care Planning or care arrangements. My role is to act as a voice for the complainant and help them navigate the system. By passing the concern on to the relevant person I further ensure that the HSE reviews or investigates appropriately within agreed timelines. Of the 119 concerns received in my first year in office, 106 are now closed, either based on the complainant’s satisfaction with how the concern has been dealt with by the HSE, or where I have decided that no further action is required.  I have also been contacted by many people simply seeking advice or support, which is encouraging.”

Read the Report of the Confidential Recipient 2015

Note for Editors

The Confidential Recipient for the Health Service is independent of the HSE and has the authority to examine concerns raised to:

  • Advise and assist individuals on the best course of action to take to raise matters of concern
  • Assist with the referral and examination of concerns
  • Ensure that these matters are appropriately addressed by the HSE and its funded agencies.
Last updated on: 04 / 03 / 2016