Day Services to resume at Donegal and Killybegs Community Hospitals

Day Care Services for Older Persons will shortly resume at both Donegal and Killybegs Community Hospitals.

From April 3rd 2023, services will be provided from one to five days, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm in both locations.

Services provided in Day Care will include personal care provision such assistance with showering /bathing and social care provision including meaningful activities of interest to the client like music sessions, outings to various places of interest and parties. Educational/Information sessions on relevant topics relating to older people such as diet and nutrition are also organised at the community hospitals.

Nurse led clinic services such as Falls Prevention and Continence care will be provided while a full Nursing Needs Assessment /Health Screening is also carried out in consultation with the client and a care plan put in place to address any ongoing needs and further referral to on-going services if required.

External facilitators are to be invited to talk to older persons attending Day Services on topics of interest. These include the Garda Liaison Officer who discusses issues such as security at home, the Safeguarding Office, who discuss protection from abuse, MABS who speak on finance and Citizens Advice who offer advice on a number of issues.

Referrals to the service can be made via Public Health Nursing, the Social Work Department and GP Services to the Director of Nursing in both Hospitals. Day Care Services are staffed by Nursing and Support Staff from Community Hospitals and the Service is a Nurse Led Service .

Transport to Day Services is provided via SITT/Local Transport.

Meals will also be provided at a small cost to the client.

Kathleen Doherty, Acting General Manager, HSE Older Persons CH CDLMS said “We are delighted to shortly be in a position to once again offer Day Care Services to Older Persons at Killybegs and Donegal Community Hospitals. The services will allow for socialisation and communication once again.”

Last updated on: 16 / 03 / 2023