Dublin Midlands Hospital Group Statement - March 2018 Press Release

Dublin Midlands Hospital Group incorporates the Midland Regional Hospitals at Tullamore, Portlaoise & Naas, Tallaght Hospital, St James’s Hospital, St. Lukes Radiation Oncology Network and the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital.

The Dublin Midlands Hospital Group wishes to advise the public that there will be continued impact on hospitals services over the weekend and into the early part of next week.

Emergency services and all essential planned services for cancer, renal and antenatal care are continuing and staff have been presenting to work to care for patients despite the extraordinary weather conditions affecting access to and access from Hospitals.

Hospitals are prioritising the transportation through the National Emergency Operations Centre for key critical staff to maintain emergency services and patient transport for dialysis, oncology and discharges while the adverse conditions persist. This will be closely monitored through the day and into the weekend and any changes to service provision will be communicated across all available channels. The Hospital Group would like to acknowledge the support of the National Ambulance Service, Defence Forces and Civil Defence in assisting with emergency transportation of patients and staff.

As previously stated, hospitals have cancelled electives and outpatient appointments Thursday 1stand today, March 2nd.   Hospitals will be in touch with patients to reschedule the appointments as soon as possible.

While the national advice is that people can go outdoors it is imperative that people consider the risks of slips, trips and falls. Conditions under foot remain treacherous in many parts of the country. Only walk on sure surfaces that have been gritted.

While emergency departments remain open we would encourage people to consider all options available to them for their healthcare needs and to protect the ED for those most seriously ill as delays can still be expected.

Thanks to all the hospital staff who have been staying overnight and to everyone making exceptional efforts to get to work today to ensure the continuity of patient care.

Keep up to date with @HSELive @Stjamesdublin on Twitter for all the latest regarding our services #weatherwarning #BeastFromTheEast #DMHG and on Facebook channels www.facebook.com/tallaghthospital and www.facebook.com/StJamessHospitalDublin

Last updated on: 02 / 03 / 2018