Grange Primary Care Centre open for business

The new Grange Primary Care Centre in County Sligo has opened its doors.

Located beside Grange Pharmacy, the new €3.3 million will offer a number of services to the local community.

Dr Niall Hever is now providing GP services at the centre, having relocated his practice from Glenview Park to the new Primary Care Centre.

Other services, which will shortly be located in the centre, include Public Health Nursing services, Occupational Therapy Services, Speech and Language Therapy, Community Medicine and Mental Health Services. More services including Cardiac Diagnostics will become available over time.

In addition, there are separate facilities for Ambulance services to provide cover from there when available.

The 9860 sq. ft building is a Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) and features a reception, waiting area with public toilets and a large PCT office that will accommodate multidisciplinary staff.

A meeting room near the entrance will accommodate twelve people when seated, and a staff canteen that will seat eight people at a time.

The centre is the latest development in the Enhanced Community Care Programme to open in North Sligo, with Drumcliffe Primary Care Centre having become operational in last year.

Services located at Drumcliffe PCC and providing clinics to patients include: 

  • Physiotherapy - Women’s Health Clinic
  • Dietetics - Primary Care and Paediatric Service
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) / Addiction Services
  • Public Health Nursing / Child Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Community Medical Services

Drumcliffe Family Practice (GPs) moved into the Primary care building in September.

The total area of Drumcliffe PCC is 5,915 sq. ft. 

The rooms in the building include a Primary Care Team office suitable for up to four staff, a Child Development room that can also be used as a bookable room when not in use by the Public Health Nurses's and further bookable rooms for use by other HSE services and a wound management room.

In the GP area, there are GP consulting rooms, a Practice nurse's room and office space for admin and reception area.

The building also includes a staff kitchen/ tea-room and staff changing area.

The public area has a room for Parent and Baby, a waiting room and a sub-waiting area with a children play area and public toilets. 

In addition, a new car park to the rear of the building provides parking for staff and service users.

Emma Ball, General Manager, HSE Primary Care Sligo Leitrim said “The new centres are part of the ECC programme, which aims to enhance and increase community health services and reducing pressure on hospital services. It is wonderful to see all these services being offered to the people of North Sligo within their own communities.”  

Last updated on: 15 / 03 / 2023