Host engagement event with young people and stakeholders to plan for youth mental health across CHO 1

HSE Media Release: 9th May 2019 

HSE CHO 1 Host engagement event with young people and stakeholders to plan for youth mental health across CHO 1

A multi-stakeholder consultation event was held on the 8thof May in the Radisson Hotel Letterkenny, Co.Donegal.  The purpose of the event was to meaningfully engage with young people, HSE Staff, community and voluntary groups working with young people to inform the CHO 1 Mental Health Services Service Reform funding application to Genio. This event was co-developed and co-facilitated by young people for young people across counties of Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan and Sligo in collaboration with community/voluntary groups and the HSE.  

This engagement builds on the Born to Change World Café event of 10th May 2018 where in excess of 130 young people attended a conference to inform the planning and delivery of mental health services.  The event in 2018 aimed to determine the needs of youth across five counties of Community Healthcare Organisation Area 1 (CHO 1) including those who are marginalised and to effectively and meaningfully engage with them in planning and informing communities and services for young people. The event enabled their voices to be heard and their experiences both good and bad to be shared in order to help services and communities to change with and be informed by their needs and experiences. Please click on link to view video of this event in 2018

We now wish to bring what we heard on that day back to the young people and key stakeholders, on the 8th May 2019, to co-develop an implementation plan to respond to the issues raised.

This is one of the most important events in CHO Area 1 in 2019 as it is based on meaningful engagement, represents a continued focus on building communities of wellbeing for the youth of CHO 1 in collaboration and partnership with agencies, services and communities. The resulting implementation plan will support the enhancement of increased health and personal collective wellbeing in the communities of our future.A family member of a Service User who was there on the day commented "It was a great day, I loved being involved in making decisions about the future of mental health in my country.  Having my voice heard as a family member is so important,  I loved listening to the youth they are the future.  It was great that they were being listened to and that we are learning from them."

Rosaline Keenan, Senior Manager Performance and Service Innovation, CHO 1 Mental Health Services commented “Today’s event, based on meaningful engagement, will enable a collective approach to the development of youth mental health services with young people and key stakeholders. It puts young people at the very centre of what we do and demonstrates that we have listened to what our young people have said and are, with them, planning for how we address and meet what they have told us.”

This event was funded by the Health Service Executive.


Last updated on: 13 / 05 / 2019