HSE CHO Area 2 Launches 2017 Plan


Last week saw the publication of the 2017 regional plan for Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO) 2. The plan for CHO 2 is based on the National HSE Service Plan and each of the four National Divisional Operational Plans. It details the services that will be delivered during 2017 across counties Galway, Mayo and Roscommon. These service divisions include Primary Care, Social Care, Mental Health and Health & Wellbeing. 


Speaking at the launch of the CHO 2 Report, Chief Officer for CHO Area 2 Tony Canavan commented “we are very pleased to outline the level of services that will be provided in our area over the coming twelve months. This year we have seen an increase in our allocation from nearly €413m in 2016 to €448m for this coming year.  Each of our key service areas including Primary Care, Social Care, Mental Health and Health & Wellbeing has all received an additional budget allocation. 


Together with income collected during the year, we expect to spend close on €500m on Community Health based services over the coming twelve months. This level of resourcing will allow us to progress with a reform of our Disability Services, particularly with regard to the decongregation programmes in Mayo and the establishment of school age teams across the three counties.  For Older People Services it means that we will be able to continue with similar levels of residential care as last year and we will be able to maintain the level of home supports that were being provided at the end of 2016. 


If the available resources are managed carefully, we will be able to maintain a steady level of home support throughout 2017. This will be in marked contrast to the arrangements in 2016.  We will also be able to continue with our Programme of Reform of the Mental Health Services throughout the three counties, including the on-going development of the recovery based model, the development of additional community based supports, the modernisation of residential and day services and the development of the new Acute In Patient Unit on the grounds of University Hospital Galway.


The additional budget in Primary Care will allow us to continue with existing levels of service across most of the Primary Care Services with some enhancement, particularly with regard to access to therapy services and the Community Intervention Team.  We will also be rolling out on an ambitious Health & Wellbeing Programme over the twelve month period crossing over all service delivery areas to support the development of a Healthy Ireland Plan for CHO2 and implementing initiatives to help reduce levels of chronic disease and improve Health & Wellbeing of the population generally.


One of the key focuses of the CHO2 Management Team has been on the integration of care across the various Divisions and also with the acute sector. Despite the many challenges throughout 2016, we have managed to maintain the levels of delayed discharges relatively low in each of the hospitals in counties Galway, Mayo and Roscommon.  This type of integration will continue to be a significant focus of our work during 2017. This will require further investment and support for community based services and much of the new resource available to us will be focused in this area.  


Finally I want to acknowledge the work of each and every member of HSE staff working in Counties Galway, Mayo and Roscommon. In addition, I thank our service partners from Primary Care and the Voluntary Sector for all their hard work during 2016 and in advance for their efforts during 2017.  The role of the Community Healthcare Organisation Management Team is to facilitate and support service provision to the highest quality for the people who live in our Communities. Despite the additional resources available to us this year, we will face many challenges on a daily and weekly basis. Our goal remains to ensure that people are provided with better services so that they can live better and healthier lives”.


The HSE CHO 2 plan can be viewed at www.hse.ie/eng/services/publications/serviceplans/Service-Plan-2017/Operational-Plans-2017/CHO-2-Operational-Plan-2017.pdf


Pictured above at the launch of the CHO 2 Plan are Elaine Burns, Chief Officer Tony Canavan and Mary Heaney

Last updated on: 15 / 03 / 2017